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24 de Março de 2009

This blog has been abandoned. You can check out my new blog here.

See you there!


Wolfenstein – Trailer

21 de Março de 2009

Since Return to Castle: Wolfenstein we’ve been waiting for this… And here it is!!!!!

We’ll see details such as the main character, which will be played by yourself, and some bad guys, like typical nazi soldiers and officers and some special ones who got mutated and other ones who are in some special armour ( like Fallout’s Power Armours ). We will also see some weapons, such as a flametrower an MP-40 and other ones ( which I don’t know the name yet ) that look like the Half-Life’s “ray” guns.

Final toughts: The game preservs it’s typical topic, the obsession of Hitler for the ocult, which realy existed. The gameplay will be the same and the storyline will be known but not exacly a copy.

Stay tuned for more details

BattleForge – Exlusive Trailer

17 de Março de 2009

He’s a game from Electronic Arts. It will be a typical RTS mixed with a card game. The player will have a set of cards which can summon monsters ( huge monsters ) and small armies. Non of the characters will be human or any animal. The gameplay will be familiar to any RTS player and the combat aproach will be the same but still very awesome to see ( and command ). Oh, I forgot to mention ( on purpose… ) that the armies and cards ( monters ) will be of the elements, Nature, Fire, Frost and Shadow… Interesting right?

Let’s just hope that it’s not a Yugi-Oh with some stragety in the middle.

So, as you may have noticed, I’m a super Fallout 3 fan. And in this video, I present you with the next expansion’s trailer: The Pitt!!!!! I’m so exited to see the expansion ( since Operation Anchorage was not such a big deal ).

The trailer reveals a new weapon: The Infiltrated which is a scoped silenced assault rifle that does more damage than normal, a new place ( The Pitt, duh! ) and some details of the mission. The player will have to help some raiders since almost all of them are slavers and dying for some radioactive desire ( correct me if I’m wrong ). As obvious the player will have to find the cure of it killing his way.

Bethesta Softworks revealed that the Lone Wander ( just so that I won’t repeat “the player” again ) will have to fight in some kind of radioactive arena in first place to gain prestige and respect in that community, but nothing is solid yet.

Anyway, I’m sure it will be better than Operation Anchorage

In this video we’ll be presented with a more stealth approach of playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. The character will use “bat like shurikens” to kill his enemies from far away ( not very far away ), stealth kill from upwards ( just like a bat! ) and fly through rooms full of bandits to take one by one without being spotted!

Rage – Producer’s Cut

12 de Março de 2009

So this video is a cut of GameTrailers TV which they made on interviewing Todd Hollenshead, the game producer. He reveals that the game will not be a traditional racing game, a car smashing game. He says that the game will be “kinda” open world but not like Fallout or Oblivion.

This game will be a mix of the types we’ve seen in other games. Check the video for more details!

Only the dead have seen the end of the war…